How can I sign up for a membership in myQQ?

To sign your car up for a membership, first click on the menu in the top left corner of the myQQ home screen. From the dropdown menu, select the option that says "Membership". Once the membership screen appears, you will see the question "Do you love your car?", followed by information about signing up for a membership and 2 buttons. Click on the one that says "Sign up".


You will see a screen with each of the three wash package options: Good, Better and Lucky Duck. You can click on each for more information. Once you have figured out the one you want, select that option and then click "Yes".


Follow the payment flow by first selecting the vehicles you would like to add to the membership and then click the "Next" button. Once you see the order details, verify that everything listed is correct and then press "Next".

Screen_Shot_2020-09-10_at_11.58.17_PM.png       Screen_Shot_2020-09-10_at_11.58.29_PM.png

You will see the checkout screen. Choose your payment method by selecting it from the box at the top of the screen. If you want to use a card that is not already attached to your account, add it by inputting the credit card number, expiration date, CVC, name on the card and then tap "Add".

Screen_Shot_2020-09-10_at_11.58.37_PM.png.      Screen_Shot_2020-09-10_at_11.58.41_PM.png

Once the correct payment method has been selected, proceed to finish the transaction by checking the box that says "I agree to be billed monthly and have read Quick Quack's Membership Agreement" and then tap "Finish".

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