Sometimes it's obvious when your car needs a wash. After a long day of driving down a dusty, gravel road, or when that flock of birds takes aim at your car's hood while you're parked under what you think is an ideal shade tree. Whatever the situation might be we are here to make sure that you Don’t Drive Dirty®. Your car is a major investment and you spend a ton of money maintaining it — oil changes, brake pads, tire rotations. But have you ever considered something as simple as washing your car as an investment, too?

Quick Quack is an express, exterior car wash. As your car is guided through the showroom on the conveyor, we use soft, microfiber cloth, neoprene foam materials, and filtered, recycled water to thoroughly clean your vehicle in just minutes.  We offer 3 different wash packages to meet your individual needs.

Our Three Wash Packages

Much like changing your oil or brakes, washing your car is important to maintaining it. We have designed our wash packages with your needs in mind. We have a package for everyone.

Lucky Duck

The best wash we offer including an important 3-step pain sealant process that will bring shine and luster to your car's paint. Protect your vehicular investment with our patented one of a kind 3-step paint sealant and protectant process. Whether you’re driving through torrential rain or blistering sun, Quick Quack Car Wash has you covered with full-body rain repellent, anti-oxidation applications with the end result of a vehicle that shines!

What is the 3-step paint sealant process? It Cleans, It Shines, and it Seals your vehicle’s Clear Coat! It helps to protect paint against oxidation! It results in a long-lasting clean and reflective sheen as you exit the wash. All Good and Better wash features included! The 3-step paint sealant process is a shine that you can feel. You Lucky Duck you!


A Premium Wash without the Clear Coat and Paint Protection features of the Lucky Duck Wash. Undercarriage Rust Protection, Full-Vehicle Rain Repellent coverage, Triple Foam Polish, Wheel Hub Cleaner, and Premium Tire Dressing for that glistening wheel effect – all included!


A Splash of Soap and a Rinse of Water! A great way to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicular investment without the frills!

Here is a graphic showing the difference between the wash options:


Other Questions

What are the different wash options?
Triple Foam Polish
Triple foam is used for a variety of crucial roles in the car wash. This application is infused with carnauba wax and helps fill in any imperfections on the vehicle’s surface, causing the surface to properly reflect light creating that new car shine. The Triple Foam Polish is also a beloved, colorful soap show and a key reason why customers choose to purchase our Better or Best wash. A tried and true component of the Better and Lucky Duck car wash package. Triple Foam Polish infuses Carnauba Wax into the imperfections in a vehicle’s surface with beautiful colors - recreating the wonderful luster and shine of a freshly polished paint job! Included in the Better and Lucky Duck packages.
Tire Shine
A glistening application to create a mirror-like shine on vehicle tires. Tire Shine works to protect against UV breakdown and condition wheels against the elements. Upgrade to Better/Lucky Duck today to preserve the rich black look your car deserves. Included in the Better and Lucky Duck packages.
Rain Repellent
A must-have protective coating for the wettest time of the year. Give those wipers a break! Rain Repellent causes water droplets to bead up and move across the surface of vehicle’s exterior with ease. It is an extremely efficient way to clear obstructions from a driver’s point of view on a rainy day. Additionally, Rain Repellent works to prevent long-lasting paint damage from dirty/hard water. Included in the Better and Lucky Duck packages.
Wheel Brightener
Specifically formulated to break up brake rotor dust and typical road wheel grime. Wheel Cleaner provides a safe brightening effect on vehicle wheels and rims without the damage of corrosive cleaners. Included in the Better and Lucky Duck packages.
Rust Inhibitor
Salt and other sediments on the road can have a profoundly negative impact on the undercarriage of the car. To combat this, we use an Undercarriage Treatment to treat the bottom of cars. This treatment removes the majority of build-up under the vehicle, which slows down the process of oxidation, ultimately slowing or inhibiting the development of rust on the undercarriage. This application is optimized for vehicles traveling in areas affected by snow and rain and is a fast and effective solution to halt underbody oxidation damage on most vehicles. Included in the Better and Lucky Duck packages.
Bug Blaster
Formulated with enzymes and a pH offset to specifically combat bird droppings and bugs. Consistent application on a regular basis with appropriate neutralization ensures bugs and bird droppings do not have a chance to damage a vehicle’s paint.
Muddy Duck
Are you driving excessively dirty? Available in specialized markets only; this consists of a pressurized hydro system designed to blast away excess mud, dirt, and other tough to remove sediments. The Muddy Duck is engineered to maximize even the dirtiest vehicle’s exposure to the benefits of the car wash. Additional charges may apply.
Do you clean the interior of the car?

We do not clean the interior of the vehicle. However, we offer vacuums and dashboard wipes. We also offer microfiber towels and other accessories available for purchase. Ask a team member on-site for more information. As an added bonus, all of our customers can use our vacuum areas. Keep your car clean - the way that you want it. Dog hair, fallen cereal, stray pennies are no match for our vacuum systems found at all of our locations! Compressed air cleaning tools are also available at select locations at no additional charge.

Is your car wash 'touchless'?
No, we are not a touchless car wash. However, we use the highest quality soft, microfiber cloth and neoprene to give you an excellent and safe wash. Our materials do not scratch or swirl paint, and millions of satisfied customers can attest to this!
Is it environmentally safe to wash my car?
Yes! Our environmentally friendly process of utilizing recycled water ensures that not only are you not driving dirty, you are contributing to a process that ensures water conservation and good stewardship of the environment. Wash as often as you like, any day, every day, multiple times a day.
Does the wash clean vehicles with excessive mud?
To avoid any damage to our equipment and to our customer's vehicles, we do not allow vehicles with more than half of the car covered in mud (even if dry). We do offer the Muddy Duck wash option at select stores for an additional cost.
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