Are the free car washes really free?

Yes, when Quick Quack Car Wash opens a new location, we have a full grand opening celebration! We offer 10 days of free car washes to anyone willing to get in line. All you need to do is provide an email and receive a free wash. 

  • A vehicle can be disqualified from being able to go through the for-incompatibility reasons. (hyperlink article for compatibility) 
  • The line will be closed off to new customers after closing hours. Please be in line before close to receive your wash on that day. 
  • We also usually have a grand opening promotion where you can get a discount on the first month of an unlimited auto-pay membership. Please note for this promotion the discount is only for the first month only and will bill at regular pricing 30 days from the date of purchase automatically to the card provided. 
  • The location will no longer be able to honor the free wash promotion after the final day. 
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