How do I view requests to customer service that I or the stores have submitted on my behalf?

We understand that things don't always go perfectly, and you end up needing the help of our customer service team. We offer a myriad of ways to contact customer service to help get your issues resolved. This can be via the bright orange "Submit Request" button at the top of this Help Center, emailing, calling, or by asking one of our team members at a location to submit a request on your behalf. 

The good news is all of these methods create what we call a "ticket". The tickets are associated with the email you provided, are available here in the Help Center for you to view under a section called "My Activities" as long as you log in with the provided email address. Simply by submitting a request, an account was created for you. Now let's help get you access to viewing your requests.

How to View Your Ticket Activity

  1. Start the log in process by clicking the white button labeled "Sign In" in the upper right corner.
  2. Input your email address and your password in the pop up, or click one of the social media connectors on the left if you want to use your the other methods.

    sign in screen

    • If you do not know your password or try and create an account and get an error that the account already exists, follow these directions.
    • If you have never submitted a request you can register by following these directions.
  3. Once you are logged in, you will now see your name replace the "Sign In" button.
  4. Click your name, and you will see an option list drop down.

    dropdown option list

  5. Click "My Activities"
  6. You will now be on your ticket log showing all of your submitted requests. 


You will need to sign in using the email address you provided to our team member, input in the request form, or sent the email from.

The Activity List

Once you are on your "My Activities" page, you will see a list of all requests that were submitted with the email you logged in as. So what now?

Well, for starters you can see the status of any issue you submitted to the right of the issue:

Each of these statuses mean something regarding the request:

      • Open - the customer service team is working to resolve the request,
      • Awaiting your reply -  the customer service team is waiting for the end-user's reply,
      • Solved - the request was resolved.

If you see your issue has "Awaiting your reply", you may not have noticed an email inbox and spam folders. You could reply back to the email in your inbox, or you can respond right here in the request. At the bottom of the screen is a reply box where you can provide the requested information directly to the customer service team.

If you see that the issue is "Solved" and you did not receive a satisfactory resolution to your request, you can reply back at the bottom of the request (or to the original email). This will reopen the request, and our customer service representatives will start working on it again with you. 

Please also keep an eye out for surveys we send out after a request is "solved", and let us know how we're doing. It is important for us to know if we are fully solving your problems.


Please do not send full credit card numbers in any help center response or email. Our agents will only ever ask for the last 4 of the credit card when helping you over the internet. This is for your safety. If we need the full number, you will need to call us with that information.

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